Alfred Henry Delamar Britton, known as Harry Britton, was born in England on April 15, 1864. He came to the United States via Canada. The official date of Harry Britton's immigration to the USA is listed as 1895, but his unofficial residence in the States probably began earlier. Records from the Northern Pacific Rail Road company show that Britton was employed as a brakeman by the NPRR between 1891 and 1898. Springdale, Montana, about a mile and a half southeast from Hunters Hot Springs, was a scheduled stop on the Northern Pacific RR line in the 1890s, and Hunters Hot Springs became a popular overnight rest stop for NPRR crews during that time. Harry Britton died on July 4, 1926 in Brady, Montana.

The sharpest print of the Hunters Hot Springs group photo I have seen is undated and belongs to the descendants of Harry Britton. The search for names of people in the group photo precipitated directly from efforts launched by Harry Britton's son, Maurice, in the 1960s.