From the Livingston Enterprise (Souvenir) newspaper (c 1900) reprinted in Livingston (2009) by Elizabeth A. Watry and Robert V. Goss:

"Zadock H. Daniels counted among the earliest Park County residents and figured predominantly in establishing the mines in Cooke County in the early 1870s. As scout for Gen Alfred H. Terry, Daniels participated in several Indian campaigns before becoming post sutler at Fort Ellis and Fort Pease. A Montana resident for 40 years, Daniels served as deputy sheriff and assessor for Park County before his death in 1910."

In 1873, while Dr. A. J. Hunter was building his hotel at Hunters Hot Springs, Zadock Daniels was superintendant of farming at the Crow Indian Agency at Fort Parker, Montana. The Crow Agency at Fort Parker was located eight miles west from Hunters Hot Springs.